The system is mainly designed for listening to high definition files and the quality streaming offered by TIDAL, QOBUZ, etc.
Our target is the audiophile who wants to listen to the sound at the best possible quality, without spending a capital.
We are aware of the fact that beautiful words do not make beautiful sound and that the only way to establish quality is listening.
This is why we offer our customers the opportunity to try our products FREE FOR ONE MONTH.


The PLX system consists of loudspeakers, final amplifier, DAC converter and computer, which will be described in detail below.





The PL1 loudspeaker, is composed of three separate parts, at the top the (medium-high) section PL1H, in the middle the bass section PL1L, below the filter section PL1C.




The PLX system is designed as a 12mm CORIAN closed case.
This allows the construction of boxes in one piece, without joints, screws, doors, etc.

The structure in a single block and the high density of the material used, ensure the lack of low frequency vibrations.
The truncated pyramid shape, without parallel faces, ensures lack of reflections.

The construction in two separate boxes for the bass and mid-range, prevents the high frequencies, can go out from the bass membrane, dirtying the sound, and that the high pressures of the bass, can interfere with the mid-high membrane.

Transducer terminals, are connected directly to the external clamps, without any filtering element inside the boxes, this allows those who want to experiment, the tweeter phase inversion, the bi-wiring, the tree-wiring.
The filtering elements, are placed in an additional container (PL1C), this allows those who want it, to experiment the tuning of the filter, without having to open the boxes. The filter container under the bass, allows you to lift it off the floor, to the benefit of sound cleaning.

Technical data:

  • impedance 8Ω.
  • power 80wrms per channel
  • sensitivity 88db
  • frequency response 40hz-30khz

VAT included
Couple of PL1

Final amplifier


PL2 is a pure dualmonaural final, with a mosfet output stage.

To improve stereo separation, the two stages are completely independent of each other. To improve detail and image, the power stage and the signal stage have separate power supplies. To improve the matching between the two channels, the volume is adjusted with a 24-step switch, and precision resistors. To avoid any signal alteration, no tone adjustment is implemented.It is well known that every amplifier device, be it transistor, mosfet, or vacuum tube. especially in the final stage, introduces a distortion of the signal, which manifests itself as a veiling of the sound.

From the theory it is known that, if a high gain amplifier is built, and a high negative feedback is performed, the gain of the obtained amplifier becomes practically dependent only on the feedback element. Therefore if the feedback element is a precision resistor, you get an amplifier, with characteristics, practically ideal, free of the harmonic distortion of the elements that compose it, and whose gain is perfectly defined by the feedback resistor. Unfortunately, such an tempting theory is difficult to put into practice, since, the high gain and the high rate of feedback, tend to make the amplifier unstable, transforming it into an oscillator.

To avoid this, a compensation is made, which makes the amplifier more or less stable, but that lowers the response to the high frequencies, and introduces oscillations to the square wave.

PL audio, paying particular attention to the circuit realization, maximizes this theory, realizing the final PL2. Practically without distortion and oscillations, and with a frequency response that extends up to 200khz with attenuation of 1db.

On the side the square wave response, without oscillations, with PL1 speakers or 6Ω load.

Above the amplitude response, to the sine wave, with PL1, or 6Ω load, in the order at 2Hz, 1kHz, 200kHz.

Technical data:

  • power 50wrms per channel on 8Ω.
  • input sensitivity 1v @ 5kΩ
  • frequency response 2hz – 200khz @ -1db
  • power supply 230v-50hz

VAT included

DAC converter

The final and the speakers described above can be used with traditional sources (CD player, turntable, etc.)

Who would rather listen to streaming music on the internet, or high resolution files, it must be equipped with a DAC (analog digital converter).
PL audio does not have its own original DAC, but can provide a modified one.
The DAC we can provide is the modified TEAC UD-501.

UD-501 is a dualmonaural DAC, which accepts data in PCM up to 32bit-384khz, and DSD up to 5.6Mhz. The outputs are the classic unbalanced RCA, balanced XLR, and 6.3mm JACK for the headphones. Is a good converter that offers an excellent quality/price ratio.

The PL Audio offers it to its customers, modified, to improve the audio quality, without increasing the cost too much.Mainly the change consists in the replacement of the analog section.

In fact, originally, the path of the analog audio signal, is composed of an operational MUSES 8920, having the function of I / V converter of the signal output from the PCM1795.
Then follows a further operational NE5532, having the function of buffer, a pair of electrolytic capacitors, and finally, analog switches, which sort the signal at the various outputs.

The modification we have made consists in replacing this whole path, with a single stage, with discrete components, based on the philosophy already described for the final PL2.
The change, however, is applied only to the RCA outputs, while the XLR outputs and the headphones remain unchanged.

Therefore the client can choose to listen the modified sound, or the original unmodified.


VAT included

Dedicated computer

The computer is an essential part, for listening to streaming or audio files.
Practically it performs the function of signal source, and therefore for a good final result, some precautions must be adopted.

In the first place it must be free of fans, to avoid annoying noises while listening, must have enough RAM to accommodate the files to listen to (at least 4 gigabytes). Prefer static mass storage of SSD, instead of the traditional HDD. Do not install a CD or DVD player if you do not need to use them.

Have a software that can minimize the operating system, able therefore to disable all the functions not strictly necessary for the audio, and then transforming a generic computer into one dedicated to audio.

As for streaming, you should prefer to connect to the internet via cable, instead of wi-fi (much more noisy). however, if you want the highest quality audio, it is preferable to download the files first, and then listen to them on a computer with O.S. minimized.

Therefore, the use of a first generic computer, should be considered to download the files, and perform all the normal functions; and then use a minimized computer, to pass the files to the DAC.

The PL Audio can provide computers with the above characteristics, equipped with minimization softwares, and with TEAC player, already installed, ready for use with the DAC UD-501.


VAT included



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